Engineering Faculty Council

The Engineering Faculty Council (EFC) of the Pratt School of Engineering functions as a steering committee for the faculty. Its responsibilities include the establishment of ad hoc committees to consider and report on matters of concern to the faculty.

  • The EFC will be composed of two voting faculty members from each department and the Dean of Engineering (ex officio)
  • Members are elected to two-year terms and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms
  • The first of each department's representatives will be elected in even-numbered years by the voting membership of the faculty of the Pratt School of Engineering
  • Voting is held prior to the spring meeting by secret ballot
  • The Dean of Engineering and the Chair of the EFC will be in charge of the election process
  • Tie votes will be resolved by re-balloting
  • The faculty in each department will elect the second representative from its own membership in odd-numbered years, prior to the spring meeting
  • Each department chair, or chair's designated representative, will prescribe the procedures for counting the votes for the second of these representatives
  • If a representative is unable to complete a term of office, a replacement will be selected by the same voting process by which the original representative was elected
  • The EFC will normally meet monthly during the academic year
  • A quorum for the conduct of business will be a simple majority of the membership of the EFC
  • Immediately following the spring meeting of the engineering faculty, the Engineering Faculty Council meets to elect by secret ballot its own chair and secretary (who serves in the chair's absence)
  • Election is for one-year terms

2023-2024 Membership


Volker Blum

Associate Professor in the Thomas Lord Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science


Michael Gustafson

Associate Professor of the Practice of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Biomedical Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science